Rockstar Brings Private Red Dead Redemption 2 Demo to Terminally Ill Fan

Dutch gaming website GamersNet has published a story about a big publisher reaching out to a terminally ill fan with early access to a big game. These events appear to be fairly common, for better or worse, and this time the publisher involved is Rockstar Games, which provided a private demonstration of Red Dead Redemption 2 to a fan reaching the end of a fight with a chronic illness.

This story came from the fan himself, who reached out to the outlet via its Facebook page to share what happened, and GamersNet claims to have also reached out to the family and Rockstar to confirm it. The fan, Jurian, explained that he has Neurofibromatosis Type 2, which he has been fighting since 2004, and recently decided to stop and live out the “last weeks” of his life.

Jurian continued to say his father reached out to Rockstar Netherlands to request early access to Red Dead Redemption 2, something Jurian had been eagerly awaiting. While the publisher first wasn’t allowed to apparently, after talking with Rockstar proper something was arranged, and a couple of Rockster Netherlands employees visited Jurian with a private demo and let him play for a number of hours. He wasn’t allowed to keep the build, as is generally the case for these sorts of happenings.

[Source: GamersNet]