PS4 Update 6.02 May Fix the Malicious PSN Messages Issue That Caused System Crashes

Sony has just released PS4 system update 6.02, and it may prevent those malicious PSN messages from crashing your system. Reported last weekend, some players began receiving odd messages that would crash their PS4s and cause an error loop on trying to restart the console. These players reported receiving them from dummy PSN accounts during or after competitive multiplayer online games. Shortly after sites like ours began picking up the news, Sony commented that they were aware of the malicious PSN message glitch and were working on a fix.

Officially, PS4 update 6.02 just says “This system software update improves system performance.” Coming so quickly on the heels of a very severe issue however, has led users to assume that this mandatory download patches up any holes that caused the PSN message glitch to work the way it did. The AskPlayStationUK Twitter account did reply to one user indicating that they had fixed the issue, as well as how to easily fix the problem if it does come up.

For players who have their system set to automatically download updates, chances are you’ve already got your system update to 6.02. If not, you’ll have to either manually check for updates on your PS4 or download the update from Sony’s website and manually install it on your system. If you want to set your messages back to all users, it’s likely that it is safe to do so, however there’s no harm in leaving your account a little secure by limiting messages to friends only.

Did you get hit with any malicious PSN messages?