Now Loading – Are You Going to Change Your PSN Name?

After a long wait, players demanding it for years, and rumors swirling around the issue, Sony finally announced that they will be allowing PSN name changes, starting with a beta of the program for a limited selection of users in November 2018, and a full rollout of the program in 2019. Players will be given one free name change, and each subsequent change will cost $9.99 (or $4.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers).

It appears that players will still retain their original PSN name as an underlying ID, with the PSN name change simply being an overlay or nickname of sorts. All games published after April of 2018 will support PSN name changes, but Sony can’t make any guarantees for any before that date.

Now that people can get rid of their embarrassing or outdated usernames, or even just create a username without numbers in it, it had us curious how many people would actually use the feature. With the first name change being free for everyone, that’s a golden ticket to restarting your online gaming reputation, at least to some extent. Will we be redeeming that golden ticket and changing our PSN name? Here’s what the PlayStation LifeStyle staff had to say.

Will you be changing your PSN name, or are you okay with the name you chose? Let us know in the comments below if you’re planning to, and why or why not.

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