RUMOR: PSN Name Changes May Finally Happen

Sony may finally allow PlayStation Network users to change their usernames. Three developers from three different game studios spoke anonymously to Kotaku and said they’ve been preparing to guarantee their games are compatible with Sony’s upcoming update. A fourth person even shared a photo of a PSN profile that included an “edit username” option. This image was lifted from an internal Sony documentation guide explaining how to change your username on PlayStation Network.

For the longest time, we’ve been told that changing PSN usernames was virtually impossible, because your account information was directly tied to that specific username. Essentially, PlayStation Network was designed to lock you into that name. Trying to change that system is a big undertaking. As much as fans have been asking for this option, it seemed that Sony perceived it as more trouble than it was worth. This rumor suggests otherwise.

One of the biggest points of frustration for fans is that its competitors, Xbox Live and Nintendo Switch Online, allow you to change your username at will. Albeit, changing your Gamertag on Xbox will cost you $9.99 after selecting an initial one. It’s unclear if Sony will charge for its PSN ID change or what the timeline on this is. But if this rumor is true, never say never seems to be the new mantra for PlayStation fans.

[Source: Kotaku]