CD Projekt RED Designed Boats to Fit Both Geralt and Roach in The Witcher 3

For the last several days, CD Projekt RED has celebrated eleven years of its The Witcher franchise. In doing so, the studio’s been sharing facts, of which there will be eleven in total, about the series. The most recent tidbit concerns Geralt’s noble and beloved steed, Roach. During The Witcher 3‘s development, the studio drew plans to allow Roach to travel with Geralt on boats.

On The Witcher’s official Twitter page, CD Projekt shared the following concept art for said plans. Check it out below:

It’s a fascinating design. However, can anyone imagine trying to get Roach on a boat? She has difficulty navigating through forests. Surely, lots of frustration would have ensued. Perhaps that explains why the developer abandoned these plans altogether–it would have been a mess.

Speaking of boats, CD Projekt recently shared another interesting bit of information about seafaring in The Witcher 3. Apparently, the waters of Skellige hold a secret it appears fans have yet to discover. There’s a ghost ship floating about in an unknown location.

The Witcher account posted a screenshot of the rare occurrence in the below tweet:

What other secrets does the series hold? We’ll find out more as the 11-day celebration of The Witcher continues.

[Source: The Witcher’s Twitter]