the long dark 4 days of night

4 Days of Night Debuts for the The Long Dark on PS4 This Month

Hinterland Games has announced that 4 Days of Night, the Halloween event for The Long Dark, is once again taking place this year. Alongside the event, which runs from October 27 to 31, 2018, a list of improvements are also being made to the game. For the first time, the event is also coming to consoles.

Participating in the event is nice and easy. All you have to do is launch The Long Dark during this time period and 4 Days of Night will be available via its own option on the menu. Otherwise, players can enjoy The Long Dark‘s core set of modes as usual.

As the four days of night progress, players will have to get through a unique set of challenges that change every day. These challenges can range from extreme weather, and different behavior and/or spawn rates for wildlife, for example. Each challenge will last a full 24 hours, and the official The Long Dark website will update with each new challenge.

In tackling these challenges, players will be able to earn special badges to show off their prowess. They’ll earn the Twilight Badge for surviving two (real-time) hours for at least two days of the event, and the Midnight Badge for pulling it off on all four days.