The Long Dark Season One: Wintermute Physical Edition Announced

The Long Dark, which is currently available in digital form on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, will see a physical release this September.

Developer Hinterland Studio announced that the physical edition, titled The Long Dark Season One: Wintermute, will launch with two of the five episodes that form the first season.

The Long Dark is described as an “exploration-survival” game that challenges players to explore the unknown and survive using the few, scattered resources found along the way.

More specifically, Wintermute serves as an episodic story mode consisting of “Do Not Go Gentle” as well as “Luminance Fugue.” The former sees the player stranded deep in the Northern Canadian wilderness due to a tragic plane crash involving a mysterious flash of light in the sky. Initially accompanied by Dr. Astrid Greenwood, the two are now separated and struggle to survive as they search for one another. The player soon discovers a terrifying secret in a nearby town, where every answer only leads to more questions.

The game’s second episode, meanwhile, puts the player deeper into the dangerous winter wilderness. There he finds a mysterious trapper who may be able to assist in the search for Dr. Greenwood, but can he really be trusted?

Wintermute consists of approximately 15 hours of gameplay, while all remaining episodes will be unlocked free of charge as they are released.

The Long Dark Season One: Wintermute will be published by the newly-formed Skybound Games, a division of entertainment company Skybound Entertainment. The game appears to be in good hands, as the new studio is led by 505 Games’ Ian Howe. His team had previously been involved in popular titles such as Sniper Elite 3 and Payday 2.

Will you be picking up The Long Dark Season One: Wintermute when it releases this September?

[Via: Gematsu]