Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Tell Not One, but 23 Stories

In accordance with Rockstar’s focus on bringing a meaningful single-player experience to fruition with Red Dead Redemption 2, it was decided that such a thing would not be possible to the developer’s standards by fleshing out just one story. In order to fully immerse players within their extraordinarily detailed world, Rockstar decided that it would be essential to tell the stories of all 22 members within Arthur Morgan’s gang. That includes the applauded John Marston. In an interview with Variety, the senior creative writer at Rockstar, Michael Unsworth, spoke of the advantages to having such a broad narrative scope:

A big cast of main characters was an advantage in many ways…it gave us a broad and varied set of perspectives and personalities to draw from and helped create the story we wanted – a gang on the run that functions as its own society, but it also created a lot of complexity. We knew we needed a diverse and interesting mix of characters for Dutch’s gang and the challenge with any big ensemble cast like this is making them all stand out in some way and feel distinct from one another without descending into stereotype.

Unsworth also spoke of the obsessive drive that took hold of their character creation, re-recording and re-writing any lines that weren’t true or interesting enough to what the character’s story demanded. Rockstar wanted to address just why these characters found themselves involved with the gang’s leader, Dutch, and how their bonds have turned them from a simple gang into something of a family.

Knowing Rockstar, that means there’s 23 potentially heartbreaking moments to experience within the game. Whether those separate stories factor into the game’s 60 hour length or not remains to be seen. Let’s hope we’ll see more of that attention to detail in potential future DLCs.

Nonetheless, I think we’re all more than ready. Who do you think will be your favorite gang member in Red Dead Redemption 2? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Variety]