COD: Black Ops 4 Fan Designs Detailed Interactive Blackout Map

For those looking to access some part of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s Blackout experience outside of the game, one fan put together something rather special. Redditor Game_Maps has designed an interactive map for Blackout, which is accessible through the aptly titled

Most striking is the incredible attention to detail. Like the in-game map, this interactive layout allows players to zoom in and out to find specific locations. The intricacies don’t stop there, either. Its design and various features are reminiscent of those in Google Maps. Players can place markers, plan navigation routes, add labels, and share custom maps with others. The share feature warrants commendation on its own. When sharing, players can choose to either let their friends edit the custom map or merely view it.

Filters appear on the interactive map as well. With them, certain icons can be removed or added at leisure. These icons include those for stashes, specific locations, mystery boxes, vehicles, and quite a few others.

Game_Maps doesn’t intend to rest on their laurels. Via both the website and the Reddit post, they are taking feedback, looking for ways in which to improve upon an already incredible job well done. Much of the feedback so far seems geared towards ensuring locations that do not yet appear on the interactive map are added.

Black Ops 4 itself is, of course, doing just fine. In its first weekend alone, the title generated over half a billion dollars in revenue. This number will no doubt continue to climb as the holiday season approaches. For developer Treyarch’s part, Black Ops 4 continuously receives regular updates.

[Source via VG247]