Learn More About Ni no Kuni II’s Labyrinth of the Ghost King DLC

Details for Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom‘s first major expansion have gone live. The DLC, entitled “Labyrinth of the Ghost King,” features a new dungeon, new boss, additional equipment items, and more. To experience the DLC, Ni no Kuni II players must have completed the bases game’s fourth chapter.

Perhaps the biggest piece of content is the Labyrinth, “a chaotic space” ruled by the Ghost King Lamikyl. Per a Gematsu report, discovering the Ghost King’s intention to destroy the Kingdom of Evermore, Evan and his compatriots must enter the Labyrinth and defeat the King. Which brings us to another part of the expansion, the Ghost King Lamikyl serves as Ni no Kuni II’s newest boss.

This mysterious King won’t be the only big bad featured in “Labyrinth of the Ghost King,” either. Apparently, players will get a rematch with a boss who appeared in the main story. Who they are and how Evan finds himself in their crosshairs again is currently unknown.

In addition to a labyrinth and boss fights, this expansion also brings with it over 80 new equipment items, additional quests for main characters, and the “Gokui System.” The latter evolves Ni no Kuni II’s battle system in ways that have not yet received explanation.

For season pass holders, this information has been a long time coming. A free DLC pack launched in August 2018; however, it still left many fans confused as to the season pass’ contents. Hopefully, “Labyrinth of the Ghost King” constitutes the next step in Ni no Kuni II’s post-launch plans getting back on track.

The DLC launches this winter, but an official release date remains unknown.

[Source: Gematsu]