No Mans Sky The Abyss

Dive Beneath The Surface With No Man’s Sky The Abyss Details

No Man’s Sky has come a long way since launch, and it’s still making strides with weekly development updates from Hello Games. The next free update, version 1.7, adds The Abyss, which highlights the game’s gorgeous and eerie underwater world. From additional content to improved appearances and mechanics, take a look at the changes coming to No Man’s Sky.

Here’s the official The Abyss trailer.

The Abyss adds fives times the amount of diversity in aquatic life and adds several hours of new story with The Dreams of the Deep. You’ll be investigating “sunken ruins to find ancient alien treasures” while uncovering the “tale of a lost soul trapped deep beneath the waves.”

Underwater creatures will appear more often and with more interesting designs. Hop into your submarine, the Nautilon, to explore the depths of the ocean. As you go deeper, you’ll fine rarer and more uniquely terrifying animals and plants.

Not only can you customize your submarine, you can also enjoy over a dozen new base parts. If you can’t get enough fish, there’s even the option to put an aquarium inside your already underwater Marine Shelter. Additionally, the swimming and diving controls have been completely overhauled in No Man’s Sky. You can now boost through the ocean with your jetpack, among other adjustments.

You can dive into everything No Man’s Sky has to offer now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Abyss update is immediately available.

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