Warframe Chimera Update

Warframe Goes On Red Alert With The Chimera Update

On October 30, 2018, the Chimera Update will go live for all Warframe players, bringing the new Arbitrations: Lethal Alerts system, the new Daily Tribute 2.0, new Precepts, two new weapons, and more. Developer Digital Extremes supplied a brief summary of what to expect in the new Arbitration mission types:

After completing the Star Chart, you’ll unlock a new Mission Type called Arbitrations. Survive against Level 60+ enemies to earn new rewards and bigger payouts than normal Alerts. These Alerts rotate between endless Missions around the Star Chart every hour. But there’s a catch — you only get one life. No Revives. You die, and that’s it. These Alerts also add a few other wrinkles to the gameplay, but we’ll let you discover those on your own. In addition to bigger reward payouts, completing these Alerts will also give you Vitus Essence, a Resource used to build new cosmetic items. Seek out the Arbiters in the Relay to learn more.

The Daily Login System has also been updated, giving players the ability to customize their reward scale to match their abilities as they progress through the game. New Milestone rewards are also available to players, each reward rotated every 50 days for the player to choose from. There has also been a significant upgrade to the dojo, allowing players to create and overcome their type of Danger Room, minus the Sentinels and hairy men in yellow spandex. There are also some slick looking weapons and skins being added to Warframe’s bustling armory:


  • A two-pronged attack; the bone-grafted cocoon at the tip of this staff rends flesh, while the viral mass living within spreads itself into the wounds of each new victim.


  • Carve through enemies with surgical precision using this Corpus-tech glaive.

Zastra Dual Dagger Skin:

  • Artistry meets lethality with this elegant dagger skin.

Kludgekil Machete Skin:

  • Bludgeon, hack, and maim with this improvised machete skin fashioned of broken Grineer weapons.

You can get a full description of the update’s details on the Warframe page. There is also the new Fortuna expansion coming to Warframe in early November, which will open up an entirely new open-world area for players to explore. It will be interesting to see how many newcomers Warframe pulls in with the new Fortuna update, given the impressive following it’s achieved since its launch. Will you be cutting through the cosmos in Warframe any time soon? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Warframe]