Warframe PS5 Crossplay

Warframe PS5 Crossplay Now Available, Cross Save Release Arriving Later

Developer Digital Extremes has finally announced Warframe PS5 crossplay after nine years since the launch of the game. PS5 and PS4 players will now be able to play missions with those on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and even Nintendo Switch. While cross-platform play has been enabled, though, cross save functionality is still in development.

Warframe cross progression release date remains unknown

According to the official FAQ on the game’s website, Warframe cross saves and cross progression “will be added at a later date once the full suite of Cross Platform Play features have been established.” It’s a good idea really, since the developer should ensure that the servers can handle the new load for cross-platform play before adding cross progression. Digital Extremes promises to keep the community updated on cross-platform saves as cross-play development and testing continues.

To enable (or disable) cross-play, you can toggle the setting for it in the Options menu. Turning it on of course will let you join another person’s squad on another platform and find them through Public Matchmaking. Players across platforms can chat and meet in Relays and Dojos, though you’ll currently need to form a squad within the Dojo for it to work. To make cross-play easier, an icon noting your chosen platform will be displayed next to your username, in addition to numeric suffixes that will help identify players with the same name across platforms.

Even today, we still recommend playing Warframe despite it releasing almost a decade ago, with us giving the PS5 version of the game a stellar 9/10 in our review.