Japan Is Getting a 2TB PS4 Pro This Month

A 2TB model of the PlayStation 4 Pro is coming to Japan on November 21, 2018, as stated in a recent Japanese press release from Sony Interactive Entertainment. Before this, the only model that featured this much memory was the elusive 500 Million Limited Edition PS4, and those were unsurprisingly hard to come by. Sony is introducing this 2TB model so that “customers can choose [their PS4 Pro] according to their lifestyle.”

Japan is also getting the copper Dualshock 4, a color variation that has been in the United States since September 2018. Alongside this new color comes a re-release of the metallic gold and silver colors, which debuted in Japan in December 2016.

There’s no word on whether or not we’ll see this model in the United States, but with some games requiring over 100GB to install and patches taking up even more memory, the demand is certainly there. The PlayStation 4 Pro delivers a premium experience in terms of visuals and overall performance, it makes sense to push its storage space to the next level as well.

Would you buy a 2TB PlayStation 4 Pro if it came to the United States? And what do you think the hard drive size of the “PlayStation 5” will be? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Jp.playstation.com]