No Man’s Sky Update 1.71 Might Make The Abyss Better

No Man’s Sky just got a major content update when version 1.70 introduced The Abyss. Not only did this update improve underwater experiences, it also added several hours of new story with The Dreams of the Deep. The team is thrilled by the community’s response so far and, as a result, Hello Games has already made some adjustments to improve The Abyss.

Most of these changes are minuscule, such as no longer being able to perform emotes while on a ladder and resizing a few in-game icons. The most notable adjustments are the improved underwater sound effects and the resolved issue where NPC dialogue could reset if your inventory didn’t have any space for a reward. This week, you can also help Priest Entity Nada with Polo’s research missions and decorate your base with four marine-themed decorations.

As usual, this development update included a community spotlight. This week’s involved an autumn art contest, but the team also took the time to highlight a song about No Man’s Sky by Weird At Last. The small letter from Sean Murray that precedes the patch notes also speaks to this emphasis on community. Below is the update in its entirety.

Development Update

Update 1.71 is now released to all platforms, and the full patch notes are available to read below. It is hard to believe it is already November – this has been such an intense, productive, and emotional year for No Man’s Sky – and there are further strides to take in our journey before 2018 is out. Thanks for being here with us, and for all your encouraging messages of support. We are listening.

Thank you so much,


Patch 1.71

  • Fixed an issue where NPC dialogue could reset if the player’s inventory was too full to receive a reward.
  • Improved icons for underwater products.
  • Fixed an issue with biological horrors and jellyfish in Permadeath mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the hypnotic Abyssal Horror and clam in multiplayer.
  • Disabled gestures while on ladders.
  • Improved some underwater sound effects.
  • Fixed some rare crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where the interior of the science frigate could be missing.
  • Fixed an issue preventing building multiples of storage container 1 (PC only, fix rolling out to other platforms soon).
  • Prevented an erroneous boost icon appearing while piloting the Nautilon (PC only, fix rolling out to other platforms soon).

[Source: No Man’s Sky Official Website]