Destiny 2 Season 4 Ends November 27, Here’s What You Should Finish Before Then

While we’ve known that Destiny 2 Season 4 has been getting close to an end, we didn’t know exactly when the Season of the Outlaw would see its last high-noon. Season 5 (or the Season of the Forge) will be coming alongside the first expansion with the Annual Pass, Black Armory, which we know is coming in December, but Bungie announced that Season 4 would be ending on November 27, 2018.

What to Finish Before the Destiny 2 Season 4 End Date

With the end of Season 4 will come the last chance to earn a number of things in the game (while also presenting plenty of new items at the beginning of Season 5). The final Iron Banner for this season will start at 9 am Pacific on November 13 and run through reset at 9 am Pacific on November 20. It will be the last week that you can earn Season 4 Iron Banner armor and any seasonal Triumphs associated with the mode. Weapons will continue to be available in subsequent seasons.

November 27 is also the deadline to reach Rank 50 with the Vanguard, as well as ranking up in the Crucible. All faction ranks will reset at the beginning of the new season. Players should keep in mind that pinnacle Crucible weapons will still be available in future seasons, but certain steps in those quests do require specific ranks in a single season. With the reset coming, players need to finish those quest steps or they will need to re-rank to those numbers all over again. Season 4 cosmetics will also be going away at season’s end.

It’s unknown whether the November 27 end of Season 4 means that’s when we’ll see Black Armory release, or if there will be a gap between Season 4’s end and Season 5’s beginning. Previous Destiny 2 roadmaps from Bungie have put Black Armory’s release in December, so we’ll have to wait and see how they plan to handle the seasonal shift. Whenever it does launch, it will bring with it tons of new content, including new bubble locations for players to discover.

A recent Activision earning’s call reported that Destiny 2 isn’t performing quite as well as Activision had expected, however that doesn’t mean that the game isn’t doing well overall. Destiny 2 was the top-grossing digital console title in September, and more than 60% of the game’s active monthly users were reported as having purchased the Forsaken expansion.

Did you get everything done in Destiny 2 Season 4 that you needed to? Anything that you’ll have to catch up on before the Season of the Outlaw ends on November 27? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Bungie]