Black Ops 4 Nuketown trailer

The Motherland Beckons in the Nuketown Trailer for Black Ops 4, Free Download for All Players

A trailer has emerged for the upcoming release of the Nuketown map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, releasing on November 13, 2018. The map will only be available for PlayStation 4 members at first, but will eventually be made available for all other consoles at an undisclosed date. No purchase is necessary for the map either, a smart move given the controversy surrounding the last iteration of the map. Once it goes live, all you have to do is download it.

This time around, Nuketown seems to have been stripped of its 50s summer-catalog vibrancy in favor of snowcapped buildings within a soviet village, their own nuclear testing grounds. There appears to be minimal change in the layout, except for the addition of an underground portion connected to a missile silo for players to navigate. Buildings have been designed to be larger and more open to continue giving players the option to take advantage of the game’s verticality.

If you’re interested on what that verticality entails, you can check out our review on Black Ops 4 to see what we mean.

While Nuketown is a beloved map adored by fans (so much so that this is its fourth introduction), there are plenty of other maps that fans would love to see make their way into Black Ops 4. What maps would you like to see reintroduced or remastered? Let us know what you’re hoping for in the comments.

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