Monster Hunter: World Rings in the Holidays With a New Event

It’s hard to believe it’s been less than a year Monster Hunter: World released in January 2018. It’s set to celebrate its first holiday season with the upcoming Winter Star Fest. The hunters sure know how to ring in the season, as the game will be decked head-to-toe with holiday cheer. The event will start on November 30, 2018 and last until December 17, 2018.

Similar to past events, like the Autumn Harvest Festival, the gathering hub will be filled with decorations for the season. The place will be covered in sparkling ornaments and the staff will all be bundled up. There will also be special wintertime Handler and Poogie outfits.

Many of the previous Event Quests will be available once again. There will also be quests and rewards specific to this event. Remember, the event is only going to be running for a limited-time, so be sure to join the festivities as soon as you can.

The record-breaking Monster Hunter: World is quickly approaching its one-year anniversary. With its penchant for seasonal events, we could see Capcom go all-out with festivities when that approaches. Of course, right now the focus is on the Winter Star Fest, which hasn’t even started yet.

Will you be taking part in the winter fun? Or do the holidays make you more a Scrooge? Let us know!

[Source: Monster Hunter: World]