Switchblade Bundle Packs Give Different Starting Spot Options

Switchblade, a new vehicle-based, 5v5 MOBA game, is now available on the PlayStation Store. What is interesting about Switchblade is that while it isn’t free-to-play, there are three different configurations or bundle packs. Each one gives players options for how much they want to spend upfront.

First, here is a trailer looking at all of the Switchblade packs.

First is the Switchblade Starter Pack. This $2.99 bundle includes the game, along with the Fog Hog, Tiny Giant, Thunder Pulse, and Berserker vehicles. The Switchblade Epic Pack is $6.99 and comes with Goofer, Electron, Gravitron, Kamikaze, Safeguard, and Healing Hippo, in addition to the previous four vehicles. Finally, the Switchblade Legendary pack includes all 16 vehicles at $19.99, adding Flaming Blade, Fortress, Mob buddy, Sidewinder, and Sniper Prince to the list. Customers who buy that bundle will also get a three-day Battle Points boost and 500 Bit Cash.

While Switchblade is a 5v5 arena-style MOBA game, players are able to swap vehicles on the fly in the middle of a match. So with up to 16 vehicles, the permutations of team kits within that 5v5 space have a lot of room for strategy.

Right now Switchblade is technically in Early Access on both PC and the PlayStation 4, and to that end, developer Lucid Games will be hosting community playtest periods throughout the week. During these periods, winning players will be entered into prize drawings.