Sony Reinstated Wrongly Banned PSN ID After the Story Made Rounds Online

A couple of days ago, a Mexican PlayStation user brought attention to his woes on Reddit where he claimed that Sony had wrongly banned his PSN account by confusing a common nick name in his country with an offensive word for Jews.

The user, whose real name is Enrique, explained that the word K*** is a commonly used nick name for Enrique in the region, which he not only uses as his PSN ID but also on his sports jerseys. After over a year of using his ID, and spending “a couple hundred if not a thousand or more” on games, Sony banned his ID. What followed was a migraine-inducing back-and-forth session with Sony’s support staff that went nowhere.

Enrique said that he was willing to change his PSN ID and understood that it caused offense (something he says he had to Google to realize) but Sony wouldn’t budge. However, his story started making rounds online, and was picked up by several websites, which prompted a change in tune.

Sony not only reinstated his account but also allowed him to keep his current ID.

According to Enrique, a Sony representative said:

First off, I’d like to apologize for everything. We caught wind and saw what you posted and said online. And I can assure you we got to work on it as soon as possible. We set up a quick meeting at the office and trust me, we had an interesting conversation, especially as it’s Thanksgiving. But I’m glad to inform you your account is fully reactivated. I’d like to apologize on behalf of all of us. You can keep your current online ID as we realized we made a mistake.

While Enrique’s story had a happy ending, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of such an issue. Back in 2016, Sony banned a Saudi Arabian user’s PSN ID as it contained the word “Jihad,” which is his real name. In that case, Sony had the user change his ID, again, after the story started trending on web-based forums.

PSN ID change feature will certainly be a welcome addition to PlayStation.

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