A Fisherman’s Tale Kicks Off 2019 With Multi-dimensional VR Puzzles

Published by Vertigo Games and developed by Innerspace VR, A Fisherman’s Tale is a bizarre VR adventure that has you team up with yourself to solve multi-dimensional puzzles. Launching January 2019, you’ll play as Bob, a puppet that lives inside an old lighthouse. One day, you decide to leave, only to realize you’re actually inside a model of a lighthouse that’s replicated both inside and outside of the room.

Turn your perception of reality on its head with the official A Fisherman’s Tale gameplay trailer below.

Playing A Fisherman’s Tale means playing with size. Each move you make is replicated at a different scale, and all of it affects the situation you’re in. The team compares it to a co-op game that you play alone, but the experience won’t be completely isolated. During your playthrough you’ll meet plenty of “quirky characters” as you “break away from illusions to find truth” within virtual reality. Talk about meta.

Will you bend reality with the PlayStation VR headset when A Fisherman’s Tale launches this January? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’ve yet to pull the trigger on PSVR, you can get a great deal this holiday season with Sony’s latest bundle.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]