Here’s What to Expect for Persona 3 and 5 Dancing’s DLC

We’re right on the edge of Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight being released to the masses. Along with the release of the game, Atlus will be dropping a bunch of DLC to go along with it. To that end, Atlus has updated its website with a full breakdown of the Persona Dancing DLC suite, complete with prices, full content lists, and in the case of Europe, additional release date information.

With the DLC list, which is huge, come with a few instances of fine print. Most importantly, the song and character DLC is something you can pick up regardless of which game you have. You can play either DLC character in either game, as well as all the add-on songs. However, the same doesn’t apply to all costumes, which are character, therefore game, specific. Also, content cannot be transferred between consoles, meaning while you can cross-save between the PS4 and Vita versions, the add-on content is platform-exclusive.

The add-on content is split into various bundles, so without further ado, here’s all of the details. There’s a lot of it, so buckle in:

P3D/P5D Song Season Pass (Both) – $/€24.99

  • P3D/P5D: “Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities (ATLUS Kozuka Remix)”
  • P3D/P5D: “Voice (ATLUS Tsuchiya Remix)” Koromaru on a Walk
  • P3D/P5D: “Memories of You”
  • P3D/P5D: “Battle Hymn of the Soul (PSB2017)”
  • P3D/P5D: “Heartful Cry (GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN)”
  • P3D/P5D: “Dance! (OP ver.)”
  • P3D/P5D: “Our Moment” (full version)
  • P3D/P5D: “Mass Destruction (PERSONA MUSIC FES 2013)”
  • P3D/P5D: “Shadow World (OP ver.)”
  • P3D/P5D: “Best Friends (OP ver.)”
  • P3D/P5D: “Break Out Of… (OP ver.)”
  • P3D/P5D: “changing me”
  • P3D/P5D: “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (OP ver.)”
  • P3D/P5D: P5A “BREAK IN TO BREAK OUT (OP ver.)”
  • P3D/P5D: “The Whims of Fate (PSB2017)”
  • P3D/P5D: “Life Will Change (GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN)”
  • P3D/P5D: P5A “INFINITY (ED ver.)”
  • P3D/P5D: “GROOVY” (full version)
  • Also includes the exclusive Persona Cinematic Selection Bundle:
    • Let’s Go! Phoenix Ranger Featherman
    • More Than One Heart
    • Fate is In Our Hands
    • Dream of Butterfly (OP ver.)
    • The Snow Queen (ATLUS Tsuchiya Remix)
    • unbreakable tie (OP ver.)
    • Opening (OP ver.)
    • Burn My Dread (OP ver.)
    • P3 fes (OP ver.)
    • Soul Phrase (OP ver.)
    • Pursuing My True Self (OP ver.)
    • MAZE OF LIFE (OP ver.)

P3D: Costume Season Pass (P3D Only) – $/€19.99

  • P3D: P4A/AU Set
  • P3D: Virtua Fighter Set
  • P3D: P4A/AU Set (alternate color)
  • P3D: Atlus Selection Set
  • P3D: Featherman Set
  • P3D: Race Queen Set
  • P3D: WEGO Collab Set
  • P3D: Original Crossdressing Set

P5D: Costume Season Pass (P5D Only) – $/€19.99

  • P5D: Catherine Set
  • P5D: Yakuza Set
  • P5D: Futaba’s Shujin Academy Uniform & Loungewear Set
  • P5D: Atlus Selection Set
  • P5D: Featherman Set
  • P5D: Race Queen Set
  • P5D: WEGO Collab Set
  • P5D: Original Crossdressing Set
  • P5D: Protagonist’s Life in the Attic Set
  • P5D: Heeho’s School Uniform
  • P5D: Sonic Suit
  • P5D: Trish Costume (Persona ver.)
  • P5D: Trish Costume (Persona 2 ver.)
  • P5D: Gouto-Douji Costume

P3D/P5D Accessory Season Pass (Both) – $/€19.99

  • P3D: Colored Wig Set
  • P3D: Colored Contacts Set
  • P5D: Colored Wig Set
  • P5D: Colored Contacts Set
  • P3D/P5D: Special Head Accessories Set
  • P3D/P5D: Picaresque Mouse Set
  • P3D/P5D: Chibi Investigation Team Set
  • P3D/P5D: Chibi SEES Set
  • P3D/P5D: Chibi Phantom Thieves Set
  • P3D/P5D: Chibi Velvet Room Residents + Zen & Rei Set
  • P3D/P5D: Special Wing Accessories Set

Finally, here are the release dates for all the content in the EU region:

  • 4th Dec P3D/P5D Songs Bundle – PS4/VITA
  • 4th Dec P3D/P5D Accessories Bundle – PS4/VITA
  • 11th Dec P3D Costume Bundle – PS4/VITA
  • 11th Dec P5D Costume Bundle – PS4/VITA

[Source: Official Site]