PS Now Gets 50 New Games and a Massive Holiday Discount

It’s an exciting time for PlayStation Plus, which was recently named the highest-earning video game subscription service. Sony just announced that 50 new PlayStation 4 games are being added to the service. Among them is Ubisoft’s For Honor, which recently got a major expansion in the form of Marching Fire.  In addition, you’ll be able to try the service at a discounted price throughout the 2018 holiday season, with some nice offers to entice both new and lapsed users.

While For Honor is certainly the biggest name in this crop of games, it’s far from the only title. Other notable games include Adventure Time: Pirates of the EnchiridionSuper Star Wars, and TRON RUN/r. These new additions now bring the total number of games on the service to over 700, 275 of which are PlayStation 4 titles.

Be aware that For Honor on PS Now is only the base game, and it doesn’t include Marching Fire, which is sold separately. However, you will be able to download For Honor if you want to buy the expansion for yourself. PlayStation Plus is not required when playing For Honor via PS Now.

If you’ve never tried out PlayStation Now or are contemplating a return, Sony is bringing back its holiday discount for 2018. Anyone who hasn’t tried out the service can take advantage of a special introductory price of $9.99 for one month. If you already have used the service, 3-month and 12-month memberships are also discounted at $29.99 and $79.99, respectively.

Sony has been quietly establishing PS Now as a solid service for game streaming. Outside of the games being added, PS Now already has a strong lineup of titles, including Red Dead RedemptionMafia III, and Fallout: New Vegas, which are among the ten most-streamed games on the service. In addition, new features keep getting added, from the ability to download games to a more user-friendly search function.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]