New The Last Of Us Part II Reaction Video May Raise Eyebrows

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of The Last of Us Part II‘s reveal at PlayStation Experience 2016, Sony has thrown together a trailer reveal reactions video. Travel back in time and experience it alongside fans by watching Sony’s video.

This video captured the emotional arcs many fans experienced when this reveal happened. Things started off with anticipation and hopeful predictions, then erupted into excitement upon realizing the game is indeed The Last Of Us Part II.

Once the franchise was confirmed, everything went quiet as the featured streamers were captivated with the visual detail and moving melody of the song Ellie was playing on her guitar. The moment Joel appeared on screen, everyone broke into applause again.

It’s a nice throwback, but celebrating an announcement anniversary may seem odd. However, it could be a good excuse to put your tinfoil hats on and start the conspiracy theories and predictions. Could we be getting more information on The Last of Us Part II at The Game Awards 2018? The first game arrived towards the end of the PlayStation 3’s lifespan and was one of the first titles many picked up for the PlayStation 4. Could history repeat itself with a PS4 release, followed by a PS5 release?

We’ll have to keep our eyes on this one. Considering the fact that PSX isn’t happening this year and Sony will be skipping E3 2019 entirely, there aren’t a lot of events left for them to do any big reveals.

Even if we don’t see The Last of Us Part II, there will still be ten new game announcements to look forward to at The Game Awards 2018. The event will be happening on December 6, 2018.

[Source: YouTube]