Fortnite Battle Pass Owners Get Early Access to Creative Mode Features

Fortnite Season 7 is looking to really change up the massively popular game as we know it. While we wait for its official launch on December 6, 2018, Epic Games is showing off a brand-new mode: Fortnite Creative! You’ll be able to turn Fortnite into whatever want and show it off to your friends. While the mode officially launches on December 13th, Season 7 Battle Pass owners will be able to try out Fornite Creative a week early!

Check out the announcement video, which gives an overview of Fortnite Creative, here:

Fortnite Creative is actually a third standalone mode for Fortnite, alongside the already-existing Battle Royale and Save the World. In it, players will be given their own private island, which they are free to turn it into whatever they please. You’ll be able to make a racing minigame for others to play, create a new kind of battle royale mode with your friends, and more. Think of it almost like Minecraft by way of Fortnite. Progress is saved after each session, so you’ll always be able to pick right up from where you left off.

If you pick up the Battle Pass for Season 7, you’ll get a week’s worth of early access, starting on December 6th, the start date for the season. However, just be sure to keep your expectations in place, as Epic itself admits the launch period will be “rough.” If you’d rather wait for the free public launch, keep December 13th on your calendar.

The announcement came about after the mode was leaked on YouTube. While some thought this was the announcement planned for The Game Awards 2018, that appears to not be the case, so we still have something else to look out for, too.

In addition to an all-new mode, Fortnite also will be getting a snowy makeover in Season 7. Are you going to try out this new mode early? Let us know!

[Source: Epic Games]