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The Last Campfire Is Hello Games’ New Adorable Project

Announced at The Game Awards 2018, Hello Games has a new title in the works called The Last Campfire. In the game, you’ll play as a lost ember in a strange world. You’ll have to solve puzzles to find your way home.

Watch the trailer below to soak in the adorable melancholy of it all.

We’re introduced to this story as “an ember drifts from the flame.” We see the character paddling through calm lakes, interacting with ancient ruins, and exploring a lively forest. The cartoonish art style invites you to visit and relax, while the puzzle-filled relics and ominously large creatures haunt you.

Although technically an ember, the player character is wearing a cute, shin-length pullover with pointed top edges resembling ears. The only opening on the garment is completely dark with only their eyes shining through, reminiscent of The Traveler from Journey.

Hello Games’ last project, No Man’s Sky was originally known for its disappointing launch and misleading marketing. However, since then, NMS has become a development comeback story with Hello Games completely revamping and continuously supporting the title. And with The Last Campfire seemingly providing a much more linear narrative and smaller world, I’m optimistic about this one.

Platforms have yet to be announced for The Last Campfire but with No Man’s Sky originally being a PlayStation 4 exclusive there’s a strong chance that Hello Games will release this title on PS4 as well.