PS4 System Update 6.20 Is Here to Make Systems More Stable

System Update 6.20 has gone live across the globe for the PlayStation 4. As far as anyone can tell, Sony’s latest mandatory system update does not bring with it any major changes. Once the console boots up, PS4 users have the option to either update the system immediately or wait to do so at a later time. It’s probably best to just get it out of the way, however. Update 6.20 is rather small in size, clocking in at approximately 447.2MB, so it shouldn’t take too long to download and install.

Similar to other updates of this nature, the details offered about 6.20 itself are minimal and straight to the point. Sony’s note about the “main features” are as follows: “This system update improves system performance.” At the very least, the PlayStation 4 should run a bit smoother than before.

Of late, PlayStation 4 system updates have done little more than make things more stable. In fact, update 6.00 was also launched to “improve system performance.” These incremental changes are common and expected, so 6.20 not being a game-changer is not surprising. Still, many are looking forward to the update that will eventually bring PSN name changes.

PlayStation gamers will finally have the ability to change their PSN names in 2019, though Sony has yet to specify a date. While this is good news, the option could possibly kickstart a whole host of issues for some users. To that end, the potential risks may outweigh the long-awaited reward.

System Update 6.20 is live now.