The Crew 2 Free Weekend Revs Up Tomorrow, With Huge Discounts Incoming

The Crew 2 is letting players take a high-speed, cross-country tour free of charge this weekend. Ubisoft is letting everyone download and play the full version of The Crew 2 for free starting tomorrow, December 13th, until Monday, December 17th.

If you end up really loving what you play (we sure loved it), we have two pieces of great news for you. The first bit of good news is that, if you decide you want to buy the full game, all of your progress from the free weekend will transfer over to the full version. The even better news is that, if you decide you want to buy the full game, you’ll be able to do so at a significant discount. Ubisoft will be offering a discount up to 67% off of the standard, deluxe, and gold editions of The Crew throughout the free weekend period, extending to December 20. The season pass will also see a 30% discount.

Is that pot still not sweet enough for you? On top of the free trial and sizable discount, Ubisoft will also be throwing in a free car to anyone who participates in the free weekend and buys the full game. The bonus car is different for each platform, but PlayStation 4 owners can look forward to unlocking the Maserati Gran Turismo S 2009–Touring Car Edition.

There’s never been a better time to jump in. Ubisoft has been continually updating The Crew 2 since launch, and anyone who participates in the free weekend trial will also have a chance to try out the new Demolition Derby and PvP modes. If you have any other friends who are motor-heads, make sure you ask them to join you; The Crew 2 is so much better when you play together.

We’ll see you on the streets!