Final Fantasy X’s Yuna Has Been Summoned to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

A fan-favorite character was just added to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Yuna, the summoner from Final Fantasy X, is the newest fighter to join the Final Fantasy crossover fighting game. The first summoner to join the expansive roster of iconic characters from the long-running series, Yuna will surely be a game-changer. In addition, the Final Battlefield stage is now available to use.

You can see Yuna in action here:

A long-range fighter, Yuna utilizes her abilities as a mage to deal devastating attacks. However, as a summoner, she also has an ace up her sleeve. She can summon the aeon Valefor to assist her. Depending on Yuna’s status, she will either take a defensive or offensive approach. This definitely isn’t the tragic Yuna from Final Fantasy X, that’s for sure.

Players can now take their fights to the Final Battlefield too. It was created by Chaos and Cosmos, gods of discord and harmony, respectively. The stage allows for 1v1 fights, as opposed to the standard 3v3, so players can now fight against their “true enemy.” It is playable both online and offline modes. A new set of background music is also available to listen to, including new versions of iconic Final Fantasy themes.

You can get a sneak peek at the stage here:

Yuna is the latest addition to the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT season pass. If you don’t have the season pass, Yuna can also be purchased separately. Other characters in the season pass include VI’s LockeVIII’s RinoaXI’s Kam’lanaut, and XII’s Vayne. One more character, who hasn’t been announced, is joining the game in the future.

Will you be trying out Yuna? Who are you hoping will be the next DLC character? Let us know!