Ebay Video Game Sale Boasts Killer PS4 Deals With Special Code

Whether you’re in need of retail therapy or shopping for last-minute holiday gifts, there’s a limited-time Ebay video game sale that you should be aware of. For December 13, 2018 only, if you use the code “PLAYTIME15” at checkout, Ebay will take 15% off of your order. This only works in the United States and Canada, and it only works for video games and toys. Do keep in mind that, depending on the seller, it may not work for all video games.

This is the perfect chance to grab newer games at a discount. If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the latest PSN sale or through GameStop’s Game Days sale, then Ebay is going to be your last line of frugal defense. 15% may not sound like much, but once you start looking at new game prices, the savings add up quickly.

You can click here to see most of Ebay’s gaming deals in one place. With today’s discount, you could score Marvel’s Spider-Man (which has new DLC coming soon) for only $42.99. A new DualShock 4 controller is only $55, instead of $65. You can jump into Monster Hunter: World for only $35. Red Dead Redemption 2 gets marked down to about $51.

If you’re buying multiple games or accessories, 15% is a significant chunk of change. Shop around and see what you can find, and we’ll keep you updated with all of the best deals throughout the holiday season.