Fighting EX Layer Punches Into 2019 with New Characters

After entering the battlefield in 2018, Fighting EX Layer isn’t going to take a rest going into the new year. Arika divulged some of the upcoming updates coming to its fighter in 2019. In addition to adjustments to the gameplay, three new characters will be joining the roster in 2019, with one coming in the first few months of next year.

The 2019 plans for Fighting EX Layer were revealed on YouTube. People get to see Sharon, one of the upcoming new characters, using her moves in a fight in the background.

Two of the DLC characters will be free, while the last one is billed as “non-free,” which certainly is an interesting way to spin things. Speculation is that Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard, who is confirmed as a guest character, will be said “non-free” fighter.

However, before any of the DLC characters arrive, January 2019 will bring some gameplay tweaks. This mainly concerns the Arcade Version of Fighting EX Layer, which “slightly” adjusts attacks and systems. More adjustments are planned for February 2018, though Arika will give more details on those at a later date. There are also plans to add music to Fighting EX Layer in February, as well.

The first DLC character will debut sometime in late March 2018. There’s no word on who the character is yet, but we’ll likely hear more about that soon. It could be Sharon, since she appeared in the video. While the other two characters haven’t been dated yet, Arika promises they will debut by “the end of May.”

This isn’t the first new batch of content Fighting EX Layer has gotten. Earlier in 2018, both Pullum Purna and Vulcano Rosso joined the roster. In addition, the gameplay has already been adjusted throughout its lifespan.

Fighting EX Layer brings back some of Arika’s fan-favorite characters from its Street Fighter EX days. It is available now for the PlayStation 4 and PC.