Rocket League’s Frosty Fest Is Live With Exclusive Rewards

The Rocket League Frosty Fest kicks off today! The jolliest Rocket League event of the year is now live and will continue until January 7, 2019. Hop on, play a few matches, earn some event-exclusive currency, and collect some festive rewards! There are a bunch of brand new cosmetics to unlock, and you can peep a few of them in the Frosty Fest trailer above.

Pysonix has gone above and beyond for this one. There are unlocks here for everyone, no matter what you’re into (unless you’re into crossplay). Until January 7th, you can unlock event-exclusive decals, animated decals, toppers, antennas, wheels, trailers, banners, titles, and more.

If you’re a Scrooge, and you’re not feeling the holiday-themed cosmetics, Psyonix made sure not you exclude you from the festivities. The snowflakes you earn can be used to unlock holiday items, but they can also be traded in for “gifts” containing normal crate rewards. Here’s how it all works, according to the official update:

Earn ‘Snowflakes’ for playing Online Matches and redeem them for new customization items like the ‘Winter Storm’ Trail, ‘Holiday Hearth’ Wheels, ‘Peppermint Powerhouse’ Title and more! Also redeem Snowflakes for up to ten ‘Golden Gifts,’ each containing an item from the ‘Nitro,’ ‘Turbo,’ ‘Overdrive,’ or ‘Secret Santa’ Crates. Frosty Fest ends January 7, and you’ll have three days—until January 10—to redeem any of your remaining Snowflakes.

So that’s a total of 10 items from some of the most popular crates in the game. Not a bad deal, if you have some time to grind for snowflakes this weekend. We’ll see you on the pitch!