For Honor’s First Year Three Hero Arrives in January 2019

For Honor‘s third year of content, The Year of the Harbinger, is upon us. Ubisoft’s unique third-person combat game continues to win over an ever-swelling fan-base and as For Honor‘s fandom evolves, so too does the game. Year three will bring four new heroes, new maps, continued gameplay balancing, and in-game events.

Everything kicks off with Season One, which begins on January 31, 2019. Season One, Vortiger, will introduce a new Knight hero to the mix, who will be playable immediately for anyone who buys the year three pass. Everyone else will be able to purchase the new hero at a later date for 15,000 steel, which can be earned in-game or purchased with real money.

That year three pass will grant buyers seven-day early access to all four new heroes, as well as a myriad assortment of additional bonuses. Thirty day champion status will give you a huge boost to xp, scavenger crates contain useful gear and cosmetics, and you’ll also get some exclusive elite outfits and effects for your new heroes. If you’ve never played For Honor before, For Honor Complete Edition will contain the base game, the year three pass, and all of the content that came with the year one and year two passes.

If you ever in your life have daydreamed about being a superhero medieval sword fighter in a gritty fantasy world, then you need to check out For Honor. It’s a beautiful, complex, and rewarding competitive game that has earned the adoration of over 15 million players. You can see what we thought about it here. We’ll be there for year three.