UK PlayStation Plus Subscribers are Receiving a Free Sky Sports Gift

Somewhat recently, Sony and Netflix teamed up and passed out a few rounds of multi-month subscriptions (or extensions) to subscribing PlayStation Plus members. Now, a new, similar deal has appeared for UK residents and sports fans. If you are a UK resident and PS Plus member, you can log into your PlayStation Network account and see if you’re eligible for a free week of Sky Sports, via NOW TV.

All you have to do is go to the PlayStation Plus Rewards page on the official website, log in, and smash that Claim Reward button, although not being a UK resident myself I can’t claim with 100% certainty there isn’t more to the ritual. Regardless, here’s the link. Check it out, and feel free to report back on your individual success (or lack thereof) in the comments section. Assuming everything checks out, you’ll get a NOW TV Sky Sports Week Pass, entitling you to seven days of Sky Sports.

In reading the fine print, there are some important details. One and most importantly, this offer does expire on December 31, 2019, so you can presumably hang onto your voucher for a year if you really want to. A NOW TV account is required of course, which in turn requires credit card information upon signup. The terms do say you won’t be charged, and don’t mention anything about needing to go in and cancel the subscription after redeeming the week pass. It’s probably still worth making sure on the user end, however. Finally, you can’t stack week passes, so collaborating with your friends for an extended free trial won’t work.