Something is Happening With Alien, and Amanda Ripley is Part of It

Something unexpected is brewing in the world of Alien. There’s no surprise that a new, AAA Alien video game is on the way. The project being in development has been announced, and we may even have a title, although that’s more speculative. That said, the official Instagram for the whole franchise has been teasing something over the past day or so, and whatever it is, it’s connected to Alien: Isolation.

Here’s the rundown: Since yesterday, the Alien Instagram account has been posting slightly animated illustrations that tell a story of the historically evil Weyland-Yutani corporation doing some real nasty stuff with the titular murder creature. There have been six of these images so far, and it seems like that may be it for now as they tell a somewhat complete story.

It begins in what seems like an unknown narrator blowing the lid off a secret Alien research facility. As it progresses, things get worse and worse, until it ends with Weyland-Yutani air-bombing a hapless colony with facehuggers. The unknown narrator pleads with the reader to tell the world about this, as they themselves fear a discrediting campaign if they were to try themselves. Now, if you take a look at the hashtags in the first few slides, there’s a hint at who the narrator might be.

Amanda Ripley, the daughter of movie protagonist Ellen Ripley and protagonist of Sega and Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation is named with a hashtag. While her name conspicuously disappears from the tags as the story progresses, this is a deliberate, obvious nod to Alien: Isolation. Could this be a lead-in to the next game, which could be called Alien: Blackout? Or could it be something else entirely? Alien is no stranger to transmedia projects, after all.

[Source: Alien Instagram]