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Limited Run Games Places PlayStation Vita Releases on Hold

The poor PlayStation Vita system is on its way out and by March of 2019, Sony will be ending production of physical Vita cartridges. Along with that, Limited Run Games, publisher and distributor of niche physical games, announced that ten of their physical Vita releases must be placed on hold due to low cartridge allocation.

The owner of Limited Run Games, Josh Fairhurst, announced today via Twitter that these Vita releases must be placed on hold until another publisher gives them some of their allotment.

Fairhurst also added in a following Tweet that they’d be able to go through with eight of the ten Vita releases if they had around 20,000 more cartridges available to use.

Limited Run Games has made a name for themselves by publishing physical versions of niche indie titles such as Saturday Morning RPG, Xeodrifter, Lone Survivor, and many more. They also handle more commemorative projects, like the physical release of Jak and Daxter for PS4. Typically, their products sell out fast and are limited to only a few thousand copies, hence their name. They primarily focus on PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch games, but they also carry accessories and video game merchandise.

It’s unclear if the company will receive an additional allotment of Vita cartridges to complete the distribution of those ten Vita projects, but we’ll let you know if more information is released. Fairhurst is quite active on Twitter, so he’ll most likely be keeping us updated us on the matter.

[Source: Siliconera]