Monster Hunter: World Gets Sneaky With New Assassin’s Creed Gear

Assassin’s Creed gear has made its way into Monster Hunter: World. A new layered armor set will deck out your hunter and make them look like Assassin’s Creed Origins‘ Bayek. (Where have we seen this before?) There is also a unique “Assassin’s Hood,” which will transform your hunter to look like Ezio. In order to score these cool new threads, you’re going to have to (you guessed it!) hunt some big monsters.

The new questline is called “SDF: Silent, Deadly, Fierce,” and it’s actually pretty straightforward. In a special arena, you’ll find three big baddies waiting for you: Odogaron, Deviljho, and Lunastra. If you manage to take down all three of them, you’ll be rewarded with a unique quest item called Senu’s Feather. These feathers are the keys to unlocking your new gear.

Both the “Bayek Layered Armor” set and the “Specialized Tool: Assassin’s Hood” will require two Senu’s Feathers to craft. That means that, at most, you’ll have to run through that arena and defeat the monsters four times, which shouldn’t take very long for seasoned hunters.

Bayek’s armor doesn’t have any stats on its own, as it’s purely cosmetic. The Assassin’s Hood, on the other hand, does come with some sweet perks. The effects description reads, “Increases movement speed and allows you to hide quicker. Lasts until you deal damage to a monster caught unaware.” This effect can last up to six minutes while wearing the hood, and your hunter will look like a classic Assassin’s Creed assassin. It’s pretty cool.