Koei Tecmo Wants to Show Off Nioh 2 in 2019, More Titles on the Way

Japanese gaming outlet 4Gamer published a collection of comments from game developers heading into the new year, and much like a similar feature over at Famitsu, most of the comments pointed to new projects and reveals coming soon. One of those companies is Koei Tecmo, which seems to be locked and loaded for its next wave of video game content. Of course, chief among that is Nioh 2, which was announced earlier this year.

According to a translation from Twinfinite, Nioh 2 director Fumihiko Yasuda stated that we could be seeing an update on the title in early 2019. There hasn’t been much on Nioh 2 since the original reveal, and Yasuda stated the team has been hard at work since. Besides Nioh 2, there are several more leaders at the company working on new stuff.

Hisashi Koinuma and Hideaki Suzuki, producer and director on Attack on Titan 2 respectively (Koinuma is also Koei Tecmo’s president), both stated they are working on a new game with hopes to reveal them in 2019. It didn’t seem to be clear if the two are working on separate projects or not. CEO Kou Shibusawa also hinted that Koei Tecmo intends to use recent AI developments to create a different kind of game compared to the company’s usual output.

In Musou news, Warriors Orochi 4 producer Masaki Furusawa is working on something new, but implied a reveal for that is further out. Meanwhile, Dynasty Warriors 9 producer Akihiro Sukuzi noted feedback from the fans on the title (which was not well-received generally) with plans to address that in future software, and director Atsushi Miyauchi said the team is working on something for the series’ forthcoming 19th and 20th anniversaries.

Finally, Omega Force’s Kenichi Ogasawara intriguingly stated that he believes new hardware-adjacent announcements will be coming between 2019 and 2020.

[Source: Twinfinite]