Rise of the Ronin sales

PS5’s Rise of the Ronin Is One of Koei Tecmo’s Best-Selling Games

Koei Tecmo previously revealed that Rise of the Ronin launch sales surpassed those of the Nioh series despite being exclusive to the PS5, and it looks like the game’s performance hasn’t slowed down. According to Team Ninja director Fumihiko Yasuda, Rise of the Ronin is currently Koei Tecmo’s best-selling game.

Rise of the Ronin experiencing steady sales

In an interview with Denfaminico Gamer (via Reddit), Yasuda confirmed that Rise of the Ronin is doing well both digitally and physically inside and outside of Japan. He further said that the game, which released in March, is showing signs of having a long tail.

Yasuda added that Rise of the Ronin continues to reach new players, thanks in part to word of mouth. Koei Tecmo has yet to release exact sales numbers, but the publisher expressed satisfaction with Rise of the Ronin’s performance during its financial presentation in April. There was previously some speculation that Rise of the Ronin’s sales were negatively impacted as it released on the same day as Capcom’s highly-anticipated Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Earlier today, a massive Epic Games Store database leak led to speculations that Rise of the Ronin might eventually make its way to PC. On the PS5, the game was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment rather than Koei Tecmo.