Final Fantasy 9 Remake and Turok leaked by EpicDB

Final Fantasy 9 Remake, Turok Among Loads of Games Leaked by Database EpicDB


Epic Games has addressed the leak, stating that it has released an update “so third-party tools can’t surface any new unpublished product titles from the Epic Games Store catalog.”

Original story:

EpicDB, a new SteamDB equivalent for Epic Games Store, has ended up leaking Final Fantasy 9 remake, Turok, and scores of other unannounced titles. Some of the leaked games are PC ports of PlayStation games while others are listed as code names that fans are currently deciphering. The scale of the leak is being likened to that of the infamous Nvidia GeForce Now leak.

Final Fantasy 9 Remake will apparently come with DLC, Turok remains a mystery

The list of leaked code names (via Reddit, ResetEra) come with images that pretty much give away some of the games. Final Fantasy 9 remake’s entry — code named Momo — lists what appears to be pre-order DLC including “Tetra Master Starter Pack” and “Thief’s Knives.” An entry for Final Fantasy 16‘s PC port is code named Skobeloff.

As for Turok, an entry for the title was found under Saber Interactive’s label, but we can’t tell yet whether it’s new game or some sort of a remaster/remake.

Sony Interactive Entertainment label has something code named Utah, the image for which reveals that it’s a PC port of The Last of Us Part II. Then, there’s something code named Kondo that people are speculating to be either Rise of the Ronin or recently-released Ghost of Tsushima PC port.

SIE also has entries for two projects code named Carrack and Rhode Island. While the latter has not been deciphered, Carrack is thought to be Uncharted‘s PC port because it comes with an image of a 14th century ship.

EpicDB is currently down, presumably to fix the blooper.