Final Fantasy 10 remake reportedly also in the works.

Final Fantasy 10 Remake Reportedly Also in Development

An insider who previously leaked Persona 3 and Final Fantasy 9 remakes has now claimed that a Final Fantasy 10 remake is also in the works. ResetEra user Im A Hero Too, who quickly made a name for themselves with accurate leaks, also dropped a release window hint.

Final Fantasy 10 remake will reportedly release in 2026

Im A Hero Too, who has since deleted their ResetEra account and scrubbed their posts, hinted that Final Fantasy 10 remake’s launch will coincide with the game’s 25th anniversary, which happens to fall in 2026. The original first released in Japan in July 2001 for the PS2.

It’s unclear why Im A Hero Too chose to close their account, but according to ResetEra moderators, they worked (or still do) within the games industry. At one point, Im A Hero Too revealed that they once worked for Sega, where they weren’t treated well. Interestingly, Im A Hero too was the first one to leak upcoming Persona projects, which Atlus accidentally confirmed prematurely by uploading trailers ahead of the Xbox Showcase on Sunday.

Im A Hero Too had also been leaking information about Final Fantasy 9 remake beyond the Nvidia leak, which was later corroborated by other insiders.

Given their history of accurate leaks, albeit short-lived, Final Fantasy 10 remake probably is in development.