Marvel Games’ Bill Rosemann has a Fancy New Job Title

We’re a couple days into 2019, and that means catching up on emails. So many emails. But it can also mean other things, such as new jobs, or even new job titles. 2018 was a massive year for Marvel and video games, thanks to a certain wall-crawler. Behind much of that success to some degree was Bill Rosemann, who has been the Executive Creative Director over at Marvel Games for a while now. To kick things off in 2019, Rosemann is going to need some new business cards, as he is now also serving as the Marvel Games Vice President.

Rosemann broke the news himself on his Twitter account, and of course shouted out all the currently-running and popular Marvel-branded games out there. Some of them have been around for a while, such as Marvel Puzzle Quest and Marvel Future Fight, while others are on the newer side, like Marvel Battle Lines and of course, the PlayStation 4-exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man. There’s a few other titles out there, and of course a fallen homie or two, but overall, things are pretty swell at Marvel Games.

The interesting thing is that Rosemann isn’t just hopping over to Vice President. He’s  sporting two titles now, keeping hold of the Creative Director moniker as well. So we’ll likely be hearing plenty from Rosemann as a creator still, despite his presidential duties.

For now, Marvel Games is hanging out in the Nintendo Treehouse in 2019, but we all know whatever Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are working on is lurking somewhere in the shadows. Perhaps we’ll finally see something on that in the coming months.