The Avengers Project Director Offers Brief Update on the ‘Very Ambitious Game’

Barring hints offered in a teaser trailer from the game’s January 2017 announcement, little is known about The Avengers Project. A brief update from Creative Director Shaun Escayg seemingly suggested that details will continue to remain scarce for some time. Escayg recently took to Twitter to thank fans for their support and reveal that the team plans to unveil more only when the “time is right.”

See The Avengers Project tweet from Escayg below:

It appears the game remains in the early stages of development, which isn’t too surprising. Escayg himself joined the Crystal Dynamics team in January 2018 after departing Naughty Dog, where he served as Creative Director on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

What’s known for certain is that The Avengers Project will not serve as an MCU or comics tie-in. Rather, Crystal Dynamics has been tasked with developing its own story. Recent rumors seems to have put a damper on this aspect of development, however. In the weeks prior to E3 2018, a report surfaced suggesting the game was being crafted as Marvel Ultimate Alliance reboot. No one with inside knowledge of The Avengers Project has corroborated these claims and the most recent Marvel Ultimate Alliance game is a Nintendo Switch-exclusive third entry.

While the wait for more information on this front persists, fans have additional content from Marvel’s Spider-Man to look forward to. The third and final DLC release, Silver Lining, will launch on December 21, 2018.

[Source: Shaun Escayg on Twitter]