Crowd-Funded Paranormal Adventure Game Ghost Theory Canceled

The dream for the next PT must, sadly, remain a dream for the time being. The promising paranormal adventure game Ghost Theory, which was slated for PS4 and possibly even PlayStation VR, has been canceled after funding from Crytek fell through.

Ghost Theory was shaping up to be a pretty unique adventure game. Players were promised an opportunity to explore many real-world locations, which are supposed to be the most haunted places in the world. Using a variety of modern tools, ghost-hunting techniques, and even clairvoyance, players would unravel the mysteries that led to these extremely active, and sometimes violent, hauntings.

Ghost Theory completed what most would consider to be a successful Kickstarter campaign, but the Kickstarter funding was only the beginning. Developer Dreadlocks decided to place all of its chips in an indie game funding program hosted by Crytek, which was reportedly supposed to provide millions of dollars. Ghost Theory underwent a complete engine change from Unity to CryEngine in order to secure eligibility for this funding, but when Crytek pulled the plug on the whole thing, Ghost Theory met an untimely end.

“We were lured into a competition for millions of dollars,” the final Kickstarter update reads, “which also required a change of the game’s engine, and we spent months with it. It was our last big hope. But after GT was unofficially marked as a winner, we were then told: ‘sorry, we actually don’t have any money for the winners.’ As a compensation, we received free licenses for our new game engine, which was totally pointless as we couldn’t pay salaries to developers who would actually use it.”

And that’s that. For now, all we can do for our is start a fresh playthrough of Resident Evil 7.

[ via Dark Side of Gaming ]