S.O.N. Will Send PS4 Owners Into Horrifying Places

While RedG Studio’s S.O.N. delay was disappointing, we have new information to savor! The new trailer has gone live. This time, new areas you probably would never want to visit in real life were shown off. the trailer also seemed to tease more details about the story. While the trailer doesn’t reveal  S.O.N’s new PlayStation 4 launch date, it does conclude with a note that the game is “coming soon.”

Some of the imagery depicted in the trailer has been previously seen. For instance, the hallway adorned with pink neon lights was featured in the title’s third teaser trailer. However, this new look teases what rests at the hallway’s end, as the word “cheater” appears. Also new is a brief glimpse at a mysterious shrine. On the wall above the shrine are the words, “Was she worth it?” Later, “come see me” is seen scrawled on a cracked wall, presumably written in blood.

Could these cryptic messages hint at S.O.N’s narrative? It’s possible. The game will follow Robert Alderson who ventures into the Pennsylvanian forest known as South of Nowhere to find his missing son. Why the child went missing and how remains a mystery that has yet to be formally revealed in the horror title’s first few trailers. Given the messages scrawled throughout the above trailer, it stands to reason a scorned lover could be involved.

It’s unclear when players will be able to get to the bottom of the mystery for themselves. At present, S.O.N is still without an official release. (It originally had a December 11, 2018 release date.) Hopefully, RedG Studio will have more to share soon.

[Source: RedG Studios on Twitter]