Project Cars Dev Says Its ‘Mad Box’ Is a Console Just Like PlayStation and Xbox

Project Cars developer, Slightly Mad Studios, recently took everyone by surprise when it announced that the company is working on a gaming console called “Mad Box.” In a market dominated by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, barriers to entry remain high, and past attempts by different companies have failed to materialize.

However, Slightly Mad’s Chief Executive Officer, Ian Bell, has downplayed suggestions that Mad Box will be dead on arrival.

Bell joined Twitter soon after Mad Box’s announcement to answer questions about the console, and has reassured curious followers that Mad Box will not be an Android-based gimmick. We’re told that it will be a console “in every sense that the Xbox and PlayStation are consoles.”

“It’s the most powerful console ever built, it’s literally mad,” Bell tweeted. “You want 4K, you want VR at 60 frames-per-second? You want a full engine for free to develop your games on it? You have it.”

When a user called Mad Box a “glorified PC” and likened it to Steam Machines, Bell responded by suggesting that the PlayStation and Xbox are also glorified PCs with “PC components inside a box.”

Slightly Mad has plans to make it easier for developers to create games compatible with the Mad Box alongside other major consoles.

“We are delivering a cross platform engine to all developers that will allow them to deploy on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and of course the best console ever, Mad Box!” he explained. The engine will allow “an ‘almost’ one click press to deploy to all major consoles.”

“We want to support the Xbox, PlayStation, and the Mad Box as well as PC,” Bell continued. “The tech is all set for that to happen.”

Slightly Mad has said that the Mad Box is more than three years away, at least.

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[Source: Ian Bell (Twitter)]