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Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS 3 Races Onto Consoles and PC in August

Earlier this month developer Slightly Mad Studios announced Project CARS 3 would arrive sometime this summer. Now the studio is offering a much more solid launch date. Racing game fans can expect Project CARS 3 to hit stores on August 28th for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

Slightly Mad Studios shared the title’s release date earlier this morning in the following Twitter post:

Project CARS 3 is on track to return with a revamped Career Mode that aims to place extra emphasis on the player’s sense of progression. To achieve as much, Slightly Mad Studio has created a total of 10 car classes. Players will progress through each class by unlocking events, earning XP, and discovering upgrade parts. If a player does not like a certain event, they can simply skip ahead by spending in-game currency. (No need to worry, Project CARS 3 will not feature microtransactions.)

Beyond Career Mode, players will have access to a number of multiplayer options. Slightly Mad Studios previously shared three different modes concerning Project CARS 3’s online functionality–Quick Play, Scheduled Event Mode, and Custom Lobby. Quick Play will allow players to matchmake based on skill alone. The developer will curate its own hand-crafted races for the Scheduled Event mode. Finally, Custom Lobby prioritizes player preference, allowing racers to select cars, rules, weather, and the race tracks for custom games.

August is bound to prove quite the busy month for Slightly Mad Studios. On August 7th, the team plans to release Fast & Furious Crossroads for the PS4, PC via Steam, and Xbox One.

[Source: Project Cars Game on Twitter]