epic games ceo tim sweeney

Here’s a Bunch of Weird Stuff Equal to Tim Sweeney’s new Estimated Net Worth

Every year, Bloomberg publishes its Billionaires Index, a list of its estimated 500 wealthiest people. This year, due in part to a massive investment back in October of 2018, Epic Games CEO has landed in the top half of the list. Ranking at 192 on the list, Tim Sweeney’s worth as of January 7, 2019 is over $7 billion. That’s a lot of V-Bucks.

It’s worth noting of course that this number is an estimate, based on data gathered by Bloomberg. For example, Epic Games earned over $1.6 billion in revenue just last year, and a round of funding of considerable size added another $1.25 billion. That investment, which came from several investors such as KKR, ICONIQ Capital, Smash Ventures, and more, was noted as the largest investment round in history for a video game company. Bloomberg reached out to Epic Games for confirmation, but Sweeney declined to comment on his net worth. Sweeney’s ownership stake in Epic Games is, according to Bloomberg, 44.7 percent, which is down from a previous 51 percent before the investment (which came from selling some shares and creating new ones).

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index includes some goofy stats on what Tim Sweeney is now worth:

  • 5.58 million troy ounces of gold
  • 124 million barrels of crude oil
  • 0.0369% of the United States GDP
  • 0.148% of the list of 500’s total wealth
  • 1.81% of the top 100 United States college endowments
  • 113% of the top 200 United States executives’ awarded compensation
  • 0.454% of the United States’ existing home sales
  • 116,584 time the average United States household income

Wild stuff. That’s not all Fortnite money, of course. Epic Games also has quite a presence in game development thanks to the Unreal Engine, and the launch of the Epic Games Store is soon to be a factor as well, if it wasn’t already at the time this list was curated.

Source: Bloomberg