Switchblade Goes Free-to-Play on PS4 in January 2019

Switchblade, the vehicular action MOBA, is still in early access, but now more people will have a chance to try it. It is going to be a free-to-play title on PlayStation 4 and Steam starting on January 22, 2019. Developer Lucid Games shared the good news this morning in a press release and affirmed its commitment to continually update Switchblade with post-launch content.

If the words “vehicular action MOBA” are throwing you off, it goes like this. Imagine a 5-vs-5 MOBA where instead of fantasy heroes, you have teams of futuristic vehicles decked out with deadly weapons going head to head. You’ll still be taking out towers in order to push your forces toward an enemy base, and you’ll still be making vital upgrades throughout every match.

The thing that sets Switchblade apart is that you’ll choose two vehicles before the start of every match. Team composition is a critical component to one’s strategy, as you’ll have to decide whether each member opts for a well rounded selection (say, a tanky build and a healer), or opts for specialization (a tanky build and DPS, depending on others for healing). Each vehicle has its own specialties, movement speeds, strengths, and weaknesses, and you’ll be able to switch between your two vehicles at any time.

Like most MOBAs, Switchblade will offer players a generous selection of vehicles for free, and you can also pay to unlock vehicle packs or passes that entitle you to all current and future vehicles in the game. You can browse your options here.

We’ll see you on the battlefield on January 22!