Fallout 76 Players Found the Developer Room, and the Game’s Only NPC

Bethesda titles such as Fallout 4 and Skyrim have these things called “developer rooms.” These are spaces within each game, tucked away from sight of players, that allowed devs to test various items and features within the software. Of course, fans found ways to access these rooms with console commands. While console commands are not available in Fallout 76, some dedicated players have been able to find their way into the developer room, and discover content that hasn’t been publicly released yet. Naturally, this sort of activity is detectable by the folks running the game, and Bethesda has supposedly been taking action against accounts showing signs of developer room access.

The report comes from Eurogamer, with reporter Emma Kent reaching out in various parts of the Fallout 76 community to figure out what has been going on. A lot of the developer room stuff has been happening in the wake of recent drama over a popular item duplication glitch, which has since been patched but not before throwing the fallout 76 economy in some weird directions. The Fallout 76 developer room is actually a series of rooms, with spaces containing crates via which players can access every single item in the game, including things like skins that some players are claiming have made their way onto marketplaces like eBay. bands have been issued in places like Market 76 as well. The room also contains the sole Fallout 76 NPC, named Wooby, who appears to be present for target practice.

Players are claiming to be receiving temporary account suspensions for accessing the developer room. A screenshot of an email going around shows that Bethesda has been reaching out to suspended accounts, asking for details on how the room was accessed in exchange for relieving the suspensions. This part is mostly hearsay, but there are more details in the Eurogamer report. For example, players have claimed to realize the suspensions are tied to activity but not possession of content from the rooms. So, they have been creating “mule” accounts, quickly transferring items over to primaries, then abandoning the mules once the suspensions trigger (which supposedly takes from six to 24 hours in most cases).

[Source: Eurogamer]